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Your teeth and gums actually have a more function in your mouth than simply chewing food. They also provide structure for your facial muscles and have a major influence on the clarity of your speech. Unfortunately, things like gum disease, tooth decay and injuries can sometimes cause multiple teeth to fail. In many of these cases being fitted for a custom pair of dentures can help restore the majority of your mouth’s function.

Dentures, sometimes referred to as false teeth, are essentially a removable set teeth set into a material that approximates the gums. Some people might only need dentures in their lower jaw, while others might need both upper and lower dentures.

Your periodontist or oral surgeon will probably want to take a series of X-rays to understand the fine points of your jaw structure. Even if there some healthy teeth in your mouth they may need to be extracted before you can be fitted for dentures.

After the extraction procedure you will be fitted for a pair of temporary dentures. This will provide you with some functional chewing ability while your gums are healing and the custom dentures are being made. Healing and recovery time can vary depending on your overall health, the health of your gums and the number of teeth extracted.

Some people with dentures like to use denture adhesive to give them a secure hold while chewing sticky foods. In time you will get used to the fit and feel of your dentures and develop a daily regimen for keeping them clean.

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