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We hope you never experience the discomfort of cracking a tooth, as this can not only be uncomfortable but also result in an injury severe enough that the tooth needs to be extracted in order to preserve your oral health. If you have suffered a badly cracked tooth, we invite you to consider tooth restoration options such as a dental bridge to repair your smile.

A dental bridge is a singular dental appliance that mimics the natural appearance of your tooth through custom design. Our doctor may recommend a custom-made dental bridge if you have a tooth gap resulting from an extracted tooth that is affecting the look and function of your smile. We anchor this dental restoration in your smile by fusing dental crowns on both sides and attaching them to abutments formed from your natural teeth.

These abutments are created out of two neighboring teeth whose tooth enamel has been removed to create a post-shaped tooth structure. The area around the abutments, including any relevant teeth nearby, are used to create a detailed impression that our dental lab technicians refer to in the look and shape of your dental bridge appliance.

Because the bridge may take some time to create, we can use plastic crowns to cover the abutments so that the vulnerable structure is protected until your new dental bridge is ready for your smile. At this point, we will schedule your final appointment and cement the bridge in place of the temporary crowns for a strong, beautiful and long-lasting smile.

To learn more about the uses of a dental bridge in Charlotte, North Carolina, and whether it can replace your cracked teeth, we invite you to contact Derek C. Barnes, DMD at 704-849-6700 today for an appointment with Drs. Barnes and Knowlton.