Do your teeth have brown or white staining? Has teeth whitening failed to successfully bleach your teeth? Dr. Derek C. Barnes may recommend microabrasion in Charlotte, North Carolina. Brown or white staining is usually the result of a decalcification process or of a defect that began during tooth formation. For instance, fluorosis, too much fluoride intake when the tooth was developing, may cause brown staining that is within the tooth’s enamel layer. In most cases, these types of stains noticeably lighten with bleaching, but they are not removed without further treatment.

Microabrasion uses a mixture of hydrochloric acid and pumice, an abrasive. This solution is rubbed onto the surface of the teeth until the outer layers of the tooth enamel where the stains are located are abraded away. A smooth, stain-free enamel surface will remain. Testing has shown that the resulting surface resists cavities than the original.

To perform this procedure, our dentist will first isolate the teeth with a rubber dam to protect your gums from the acid solution. The solution is applied to the teeth and rubbed away manually or with a rubber cub. Once a few layers of enamel are removed, the solution is rinsed away and the teeth are evaluated. This process is repeated until the stain is gone.

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