If you or your child plays sports, Dr. Derek C. Barnes may recommend a mouth guard in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mouth guards are custom-made, plastic appliances that slip over the upper teeth. Mouth guards, also called sports guards, can protect your teeth and jaws from injury during sports. Sports like football, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, and boxing require the use of mouth guards. Our dentist recommends that you wear a mouth guard in any sport that can cause dental injuries.

Preformed “stock” mouth guards offer protection, but they are bulky and can make speaking and breathing difficult. “Boil-and-bite” mouth guards are made from a material that softens when boiled and will mold around the teeth when it is bitten down on. These are more comfortable than stock mouth guards. Stock mouth guards and boil-and-bite mouth guards can be found in sporting goods stores. Custom-fit mouth guards are made by our dentist and provide the best fit and comfort. Orthodontic treatment mouth guards are for patients who wear braces or other appliances. They are loose fitting and will protect the mouth from appliance-related injuries during sports.

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