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Cavities and gum disease are always ready to attack your smile, so taking good care of your oral health is an essential daily event. Brushing twice a day for two minutes, and flossing once a day should be accompanied by regular dental visits and checkups to keep your smile healthy.

But there are other times to see your dentist, in between routine professional cleanings. Listed below are some of the things to watch out for. If these are showing up in your smile, don’t delay, see your dentist!

– If you have pain or swelling in the mouth (or face or neck) there a variety of things this could mean.

– If your gums are bleeding or puffy whenever you brush or floss around them, or your family has a history of gum disease.

– If you feel self-conscious whenever you smile, whether because of a missing tooth or tooth discoloration.

– If you have ever had dental restorations such as fillings, implants, dentures or crowns, they will need to be periodically checked.

– If you have long-term medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, or eating disorders, you will need to see your dentist regularly. Also, if you are receiving treatment for cancer or hormone replacement.

– If you are pregnant, you are more vulnerable to gum disease.

– If you are struggling to chew or swallow. You may need to stick to soft foods, or pureed foods until you are seen.

– If you have a persistently dry mouth or feel constantly thirsty.

– If you regularly partake of tobacco.

– If you have jaw pain when opening or closing, chewing, or when you wake up.

– If you have sores in the mouth that last 10 days or more. You could have a virus, infection, or fungus.

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